This week was Lunar New Year with proper snow and I had a 4 day week to enjoy it all. Magic.

Lǎolao went to town making dumplings for Piglet.


We weren't treated to anything as aesthetically fancy, but by God, did we eat well. I only realised as we were tucking into diǎnxīn, that we'd not eaten any since before lockdown 1. I've missed it.

As well as the food, the other advantage of Lǎolao and Lǎoyé's is that their garden has a decent slope. We picked up a sledge on Amazon and had our own private slope. Piglet enjoyed it almost as much as the adults.

We took turns building snowmen in each garden. The culprit for the wildly variable quality was the type of snow. Honest.


With the sledding, snowmen and frequent flurries, Piglet has been filled with wonder of snow. She's been circling the snowmen and singing "round and round" to herself as she does it.

Heading round the supermarket with The Chef she alternated shouting out the contents of the shelves and demanding to know "What's this?" Were it not for Covid, there'd have been an army of pensioners crowding her.

Back at home she's been picking up the bluetooth speaker and asking, "Dance?" And in the more avant garde end of her vocabulary, not only do goats say, "WoOoOo" but plants say, "slurp" and lights say "bing."

Fortunately she was out of the room while I watched the rugby, so she's not added that section of the dictionary to her vocabulary.