The Chef Spoonered her idioms today. Which meant I learned two new phrases.

开门七件事 (kāimén qī jiàn shì) which transliterates into English as the seven necessities. Namely:

  1. 柴 (chái): Firewood
  2. 米 (mĭ): Rice
  3. 油 (yóu): Oil
  4. 盐 (yán): Salt
  5. 醬 (jiàng): Sauce
  6. 醋 (cù): Vinegar
  7. 茶 (chá): Tea

Swap the vinegar for coffee and I'm ready to start any day, Covid or no.

鱼米之乡 (yúmǐ zhī xiāng) which transliterates as the land of milk and honey. A reference to the fish and rice in the richer South.

I'm adding my own idiom: 北方更好 (běifāng gèng hǎo).

It's better up North.